Twenty Seven

I love birthdays. It’s the one day a year where you can be completely celebrated. I believe that everyone should have those days – no matter how old you are!

This year, I was in a new city, I only knew a handful of people and it was a Wednesday. I had no expectations but to my surprise, the day was filled with many wonderful moments.

It started with an easy commute – and if you know anything about NYC morning commutes, they’re never really easy – but, I was early to work and even had time to pick up breakfast from a favorite cafe.

Around 10, I was called down to the building lobby. I met a delivery girl who handed me a beautiful flower bouquet from a not so secret admirer 🙂

During my lunch break, I left my office feeling totally nervous. I walked 2 blocks East and jumped into a helicopter with 5 strangers. I got assigned the front corner window seat and we were off for a grand tour over New York City. I even took my picture with the Statue of Liberty.

Upon coming back to my office, I was surprised by coworkers with the most decadent chocolate cake and an afternoon full of laugher.

After work I visited with a friend on the rooftop of her office while we watched a beautiful sunset.

We left and walked around the block to her favorite hole in the wall spot with the most delicious dumplings (12 for $3? you really can’t beat that!)

We ended the night by walking into a pawn shop store front that opened up into one of the fanciest lounges I’ve ever stepped foot into. We topped it off with champagne and a box of donuts!

When I stop to reflect on this day, plus the sweet notes and thoughtful gifts I received over the week, I really couldn’t have orchestrated anything better. Today was exactly what I needed. Happy 27 to me!

Now let’s celebrate you.. when’s your birthday?!

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