What does Design do for Business?

I recently read an excellent article on, “What Good Does Design Do For Business?” written by Thomas Lockwood.

Here’s a few key things that I took away:

  1. “Investing in the design process can be a sustainable business advantage, because it tends to lead to five things: creative collaboration, innovation, differentiation, simplification, and customer experience.”
  2. “The process of design thinking, co-creation, and design as creative collaboration can help companies move beyond their norms and create new markets.”
  3. “Design helps bring innovation—whether in tech or customer-service—to market.”
  4. “Design is a way to differentiate a brand’s products from its competitors’. (This goes beyond logo, graphic design, and branding to enabling user and customer experiences that cannot be easily copied.)”
  5. “We live in an experience economy, and design is key to creating meaningful customer experiences.”
  6. “Design simplifies and should enable reuse and ecological solutions.”
  7. “It is time for the professional design community to promote the value of design. In 1953, Neil Borden, the president of the American Marketing Association, helped define the value of marketing by coining the term “Marketing Mix,” which subsequently led to the famous 4 Ps of marketing (product, price, place, and promotion). In 2011, as the past president of the Design Management Institute, Thomas Lockwood proposed that collaborate, innovate, differentiate, simplify, and customer experience become the Design Mix.”
  8. “Let’s talk in terms of real business value, because design is now gaining a seat at the table, and the last thing any c-suite needs is another empty suit.”

Go ahead and read the rest of it here.