35 Things a Designer Does

Designers don’t just makes things look pretty…

• I take vague ideas that are in your head and make them a reality.
• I make your text easier to read.
• I turn something boring into something compelling.
• I make you look professional – like an expert.
• I help you attract better clients.
• I increase the visibility of your business.
• I add value to your business.
• I make people want to keep reading.
• I build your credibility.
• I help you understand why your brand identity is so important.
• I explain what to expect when creating a new website.
• I keep your web site up and running.
• I deliver your message in the most effective medium.
• I help you decide whether to use words, pictures or video.
• I tell you when you’re wasting money.
• I communicate for you.
• I explain why updating your website content is critical.
• I make each e-newsletter you send have people say “wow” instead of “ugh.”
• I help you make your point.
• I make your book compelling to pick up.
• I make your signs helpful.
• I use imagery to convey your ideas.
• I make your words more effective.
• I make you look how you wish you were: approachable, smart, trust-worthy, funny, etc.
• I coordinate your brand identity.
• I give you the tools to maintain your own brand identity.
• I give you a competitive advantage.
• I make your product look desirable.
• I prioritize your messages.
• I find printers who do the job right the first time.
• I find the right paper stock.
• I pick out just the right color.
• I set up the files the right way so that the end result is what we were all expecting.
• I help you earn respect.
• I build your brand identity.

What can you add? What has a designer done for you?

Via Visible Logic | See more at: http://www.visiblelogic.com/blog/2013/04/99-things-your-graphic-designer-can-do-for-you/#sthash.lXCHd45h.dpuf


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