Ted Talks

I love Ted Talks. I listen to them often. They’re informative and inspiring. Last week I spent the afternoon listening to these 7 talks on The Art of Meaningful Conversation…

A quote from one of my favorites:

What’s wrong with having a conversation? “It takes place in real time and you can’t control what you’re going to stay. So that’s the bottom line: texting, email, posting – let us present the self as we want to be. We get to edit, and that means we get to delete. And that means we get to retouch – the face, the voice, the flesh, the body… not too little, not too much, just right. Human relationships are rich and they’re messy and theyre demanding and we clean them up with technology and when we do, one of the things that can happen is that we sacrifice conversation for mere connection, we short change ourselves … we seem to stop caring.

-Sherry Turkle  |  ‘Connected, but alone?’

You can listen to it, here.

Here’s a list of the other 6:

**My other favorite

Listen to all of them here