One Month

You can ask anyone that knows me, Chicago has been my favorite city since I was very young. I’ve always wanted to live here.

I’ve said it many times before, “I think I want to move to Chicago…” and it just never happened. This time, when I told my friends and family, “I am moving to Chicago” their response was mixed, but it mostly ended with, “finally!

On August 14th, I finally did it.

I started a year of experiential learning with Experience Institute (you can learn more about that here). I’ll be in (and out) of Chicago for at least a year. So here I am, in this big, beautiful city.

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed so far…
  • I can walk or ride my bike almost anywhere.
  • The train is a quick walk from my place and only 3 stops till i’m in the middle of downtown.
  • The summer/fall weather is ideal.
  • Friends! I’ve met so many great new friends from my program.
  • There’s something to do every day/night.
  • Safety. I’ve never felt unsafe.
  • People are surprisingly friendly.
  • Tacos, donuts and really good coffee are everywhere.
  • There’s a great coffee shop at the end of my street.
  • Rooftops. I’ve spent more time on rooftops in the past month then in my whole life.
  • Lake Michigan
  • Winter is coming…Everyone keeps talking about it and warning me.
  • I don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do in the city before it gets cold.
  • Most things are more expensive.
  • I don’t know the best places to go for things like sheets, fans or stools for my dining room… I spend a lot of time at Target.
  • I bank with First Tennessee and surprisingly, they don’t have those in Illinois. It makes dealing with finances a little more tricky.
  • I’m now more reliant on someone else’s schedule (public transportation) because I don’t drive as much.
  • If I drove more, there’s very rarely free or affordable parking.
  • and traffic…
and here’s to month 2!


If you know anyone traveling through Chicago, I’d love to host them! You can send them to my AirBnB listing.


Here’s a look into my first month: