Researcher & Strategist


Leo Love is Leo Burnett’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, founded in 2013.

As the program grew in size and popularity, it was becoming more difficult to track involvement, manage communication, increase engagement and capture stories of impact. They were looking for a digital solution to help resolve these issues. 

My role with this project was to synthesize the findings from a design sprint, turn them into actionable insights and design a product strategy.  


I participated in a day-long interview process with 13 LB employees - focusing on both the limits and opportunities of the current digital communications environment and surfacing additional insights about motivations and obstacles to involvement in Leo Love activities.

The following day, 35 LB employees joined me, the rest of my fellowship class and other co-facilitators for a day of iterative prototyping and testing of digital solution ideas.

Then, over the next 3 months, I worked directly with the Leo Love team to help develop a strategic plan & actions steps to move forward. 

I distilled the finding from both the interview process and prototyping workshops to create a more structured vision and next steps to create a solution.

One idea that we moved forward with was creating a Leo Love website that included complex functionality to provide event and opportunity calendars, sign up and volunteer registration, account management, content storage and sharing options, progress tracking, and data recording. I sketched wireframes, built a prototype and took a shot at some final design ideas.